The Talking Stick: The Story is the Star II

The Toronto International Storytelling Festival happens once a year, but tales are told every Friday night at 1001 Friday Nights of Storytelling. These past two years we have been meeting on Zoom and have expanded our reach to listeners and tellers from across Canada, into the US, and from elsewhere around the world. This year our theme is “The Story is the Star.” Come hear our best-loved stories, told by tellers who have joined us on Zoom and who have honed their skills as listeners and tellers, week by week, all year long.

Featured Artists

  • Lipika Mahanty
  • Sya VanGeest
  • Raymond Pierce
  • Gaurav Madan
  • Vicki Juditz (StoryMasters’ friend)
  • Jean Bubba
  • Laurie Malabar
  • Joe Conrad

Hosted by

  • Susan Ida Boucaud
  • Meryl Arbing
  • Goldie Spencer

Produced by1001 Friday Nights of Storytelling

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The Talking Stick: The Story is the Star II

Tronto International Storytelling Festival