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Stories are magical. Good stories transport us to another time and place. They provoke laughter, tears, terror and reflection—sometimes all within the same story and within the span of just a few minutes!  Stories teach and transmit culture. Stories provide that wonderfully purifying release the Greeks called catharsis.
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From Soup To Nuts ~ A Veritable Feast Of Stories

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November 8, 2020 @ 3-5 PM PST

We will send the meeting information a few days before the meeting.

StoryMasters is an advanced Toastmasters club whose members devote themselves to creating magic by mastering the ancient art of storytelling. The club meets on the 2 nd Sunday of each month from 3:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

StoryMasters meetings are currently conducted on Zoom. To help ensure the magic happens in this digital forum, we coach our members on proper lighting, camera position, and other delivery and technical skills for online presentations.

Please visit us soon! You will enjoy 5-6 stories, followed by individual and round-robin evaluations.

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Thoughts on Growing as a Storyteller

Thoughts on Growing as a Storyteller

For the last several years, writing and telling personal stories has become an integral part of my lifestyle. I find the writing process to be intellectually challenging and emotionally therapeutic. And even in this new world of virtual audiences, performing stories...

Storytelling in the Age of Zoom

Storytelling in the Age of Zoom

What’s on your gratitude list? Lately, when I think about what I’m grateful for, Zoom has been right up there in my top ten. Zoom and storytelling are a surprisingly good fit — from the perspective of the audience member. No crowds, no traffic, no overpriced drinks....

A Garden Grows in Compton

A Garden Grows in Compton

In mid-June, I decided to plant a vegetable garden in my back yard. I was inspired by photos my daughter Arlynn texted me of her budding garden in Altadena. She had transformed her backyard by installing DIY raised planting beds, and filling them with all manner of...

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