March 2021

  • The 3/14 meeting recap
  • Toastmasters contest update
  • A StoryMasters Friend’s Story: Julianne Ho “Heartbreaker”
  • Storytelling Stub: Respect Your Audience
  • Editor’s Note: The 10,000 Hour Rule’s Myth

February 2021

  • The 2/14 meeting recap
  • Newest StoryMaster: Ashton Cynthia Clarke
  • A StoryMasters Friend’s Story: Jim Mueller “Rick the Plumber”
  • A StoryMaster’s Story: Pieter Severynen “The Bog Pond Telling”
  • Storytelling Stub: Kurt Vonnegut’s 8 Rules for Writing a Short Story
  • Editor’s Note: Why Do I Live?

January 2021

  • The 1/10 meeting recap
  • Book Report: Elizabeth Lesser’s Cassandra Speaks
  • Newest StoryMaster: Camille Miller
  • Storytelling Stub: Get Twisted ~ Develop Clear Articulation!
  • Word Game: Can you use a simpler words, please?
  • Editor’s Note: A Little Change May Turn Your Bad Day into a Good One!


We learn.
We teach.
We perform.

What’s your story?

Storytelling brings people together.


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