When Midday Is
When midday is the dawn

from which your soft dreams break

and your arms trace rainbow arches

embracing lovely day

while old men shuffle lightly

through the halo of your smile

and children like morning glories

ring the hem of your skirts.

When your glance, like blessings,

showers star-crossed lovers

and the setting sun

breathes attar of roses

silken on your shoulders

while whispering night mysteries

to fill your breast with love songs

throbbing to be sung.

When you keen through purple midnights

pausing only at the dawning

of the new day’s promises ribboned with love;

then it is not a dream

that catches at your throat

with such sweet pain upon your waking.

It is your own heart breaking,

daughter of Isis.

Margaret L. Mitchell
Margaret Mitchell

Margaret Mitchell is retired from the City of Compton, where she served as Emergency Services Coordinator and Special Assistant to the City Manager. Since retiring in 2005, she has served in numerous leadership roles in District 1 Toastmasters and finds fulfillment in mentoring and training others to meet their goals as communicators and leaders.

Margaret attended the University of Redlands and Langston University. She graduated with honors from CSULA with a B.A. Degree in English. She enjoys writing and performing personal stories and has performed with Tell Me A Story, Tales by the Sea, and showcase productions of StoryMasters.

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