Do you make resolutions or goals? I do, twice a year. The first goal-setting occasion is my birthday. I think it’s the perfect time to check in and set my intentions for the year ahead.

The second is the end of my Toastmaster year. I say end, because I think it is important, especially in a voluntary position, to know why we say yes. And, equally important if not sometimes more important, why we may say no.

One of my goals is to make the most of this virtual environment. Many of us felt it forced upon us. I would never have been giving this video any other way. And hopefully, through practice we’ll get better and better.

What are your goals? How can we help you achieve them? StoryMasters has bountiful resources in our members, our website, our newsletters, and our meetings.

Want to try your hand at writing? Submit an article for our newsletter. Have a good idea to make our meetings better? Let us know. We want to hear from you. Let’s make this a fantastic Toastmaster year and beyond.

See you soon, in the virtual town or maybe even an in-person visit.
Looking forward!

Mallery McMurtrey
StoryMasters President 2021-2022

Mallery McMurtrey
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