Q&A sessions at the book launch bash

Kathy Garr, Jiro Tomiyama, Tina Tomiyama, Anna Patton, Ashton Cynthia Clarke, Jill Vanderweit, Miyo Yamauchi (L to R)

We did it! We published our first book, “The Storytelling Bistro,” at the end of 2022. It wasn’t easy…to be quite honest. Some people say that publishing a book is like bearing a child, but it took ages for us to make it happen. There were unexpected challenges along the way. The pandemic didn’t help the situation, either, but we were patient. We were resilient. We were persistent. Now the book is out and it was time to celebrate!
So…we decided to host not one but two book launch events, an online and an in-person event. What can we say? We love going over the top! The event committee was co-chaired by Jill Vanderweit and Jon White. Tina Tomiyama, Margaret Mitchell, Ashton Cynthia Clarke, and Miyo Yamauchi joined the team. It was a BASH!

Thanks to “double J’s” leadership and everybody’s participation, our first online book launch party was quite successful. We had dozens of attendees and the Q&A segment carried intriguing conversations. So when it came to the in-person event, everybody got even more excited. The eminent storyteller, Barbara H. Clark, who is a mentor to many of the authors, generously offered the Institute of Musical Arts for the in-person event. Jill, who resides on the east coast, flew to LA. Every day, the excitement built up

Miyo presenting flowers to Barbara H. Clark

Miyo Yamauchi presenting flowers to Barbara H. Clark as a token of appreciation

Tina and Jon

Double Emcees: Tina Tomiyama and Jon White

Jill Vanderweit

Jill Vanderweit

For some of us, it was our first time to see each other in person after the pandemic, so it was like a mini reunion. The Saturday afternoon was truly a special moment. Sharing the same space in-person, we felt that we’d regained something we’d lost.

Pieter Severynen

Pieter Severynen

StoryMasters and friends, we are grateful to each one of you! Thank you for your continuous support and dedication. StoryMasters exists because of you.
Kathy, Tina, Anna (l to r)

Kathy, Tina, and Anna (L to R)

Kath, Jill, Ashton (l to r)

Kathy, Jill, and Ashton (L to R)

Complete list of authors: Anna Ziss, Ashton Cynthia Clarke, Bharat Sangekar, Camille Miller, Jill Vanderweit, Jiro Tomiyama, Jon White, Kathy Garr, Lee Amatangelo, Lin Van Gelder, Margaret Mitchell, Pieter Severynen, Tina Tomiyama, Miyo Yamauchi, William Valdez

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