I don’t step into the TikTok or Twitter worlds, but their Tell Me Without Telling Me challenge caught my attention recently. It’s a social game in which social media users ask others to share personal opinions and beliefs without using a direct mention of the subject.

Here are some examples.

  • Tell me without telling me you’re from the Midwest: When a trip to run an errand is “only” 15 hours.
  • Tell me without telling me how your brain malfunctions: When we watch someone make an egg for breakfast and he slips the shell onto a preheated pan and drops the egg into the trash. (#facepalm)
  • Tell me without telling me you have a pandemic puppy: Well… I opened this letter with that one!
Tell Me Without Telling Me


The questions may sound silly, but the answers are creative and clever, aren’t they? I think it would be fun to apply the exercise to stories. If you want to tell that it’s hot without saying that it’s hot, how do you describe? Think: nonstop drenching sweats, the air is so muggy that even your dog doesn’t go for a walk, or you feel burned by the sunlight bouncing back off the ground.

Now, tell me you have pandemic fatigue without telling me you have pandemic fatigue.

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