Newsletter 2020

December 2020

  • The 12/10 meeting recap
  • StoryMasters Storytelling Concert “From Soup to Nuts” Review
  • StoryMasters President’s Message “Looking back 2020…”
  • Storytelling Stub: Dive N’ Surf the Virtual Storytelling Wave
  • Editor’s Note: Cooking is Art. Baking is Science. Storytelling is a combination of art and science.

November 2020

  • The 11/08 meeting recap
  • DCP Status Update
  • Stories on a Rainy Day: Fox’s Wedding
  • Storytelling Stub: Spark Your Creativity with Your Imagination
  • Editor’s Note: One More Jump!

October 2020

  • The 10/11 meeting recap
  • Newest StoryMaster: Cynthia Moore
  • Storytelling Stub: Got Stories?
  • Editor’s Note: You Be You!.

September 2020

  • The 9/13 meeting recap
  • Newsflash: StoryMasters has become virtual – officially!
  • First International StoryMaster: Bharat Sangekar
  • StoryMaster’s Story: Margaret Mitchell “Thoughts on Growing as a Storyteller”
  • Storytelling Stub: Five Steps Toward Better Storytelling
  • Editor’s Note: Get a dress! It will take you to a party!

August 2020

  • The 8/9 meeting recap
  • A StoryMaster’s Story: Margaret Mitchell “A Garden Grows in Compton”
  • A StoryMaster’s Story: Tina Tomiyama “Storytelling in the Age of Zoom”
  • Newsflash: Something to Brag About
  • Storytelling Stub: How Do You Get Your Story Ideas?
  • Editor’s Note: Nothing Is Going To Change Unless You Give It a Try!

July 2020

  • The 7/12 meeting recap
  • Newsflash: StoryMasters has become virtual – officially!
  • StoryMaster’s Story: Hiba Hamdan”How to Survive WarOna Times”
  • Feature Story: Barbara Clark “Why Do My Stories Matter?”
  • Storytelling Stub: Story Ideas
  • Editor’s Note: One Step At A Time, One Day At A Time!

June 2020

  • The 6/14 meeting recap
  • Nesflash
    • President’s Distinguished Club Once Again
    • We Have a New Website!
  • Storytelling Stub: Listen to the Beats!
  • Editor’s Note: Let it go if it’s not working!

May 2020

  • The 5/10 meeting recap
  • Newsflash: So Much To Tell!
  • Storytelling Stub: Change Your Perspective!
  • Editor’s Note: Bleh! It’s okay not to be okay!

April 2020

  • The 4/5 meeting recap
  • Storytelling Discussion with Sherwood Jones “Sit or Stand When You Tell a Story on Screen?”
  • Storytelling Stub: Camera Shot Types
  • Editor’s Note: Grow Like Green Onions!

March 2020

  • Area F1 & F4 Table Topics and International Speech contests recap
  • Zoom tip: Online protocols
  • Storytelling tip: Storytelling on Stage vs Storytelling on Screen
  • Storytelling Stub: Ride the Wave of Laughter
  • Editor’s Note: So many things to be grateful for!


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