Newsletter 2019

December 2019

  • StoryMasters Showcase “Fireside Story” review
  • Storytelling Stub: Know Your Audience
  • Editor’s Note: Get the Ball Rolling and See Where It Takes You

June 2019

  • The 6/9 meeting recap
  • StoryMasters Spotlight:
    • Elizabeth Smith and Margaret Mitchell
    • Debbie Kenneybrew
  • Meet StoryMasters
    • Janine Burke “How and Why I Found StoryMasters”
    • Jacki Williams-Jones “My Path to StoryMasters”
    • Mallery McMurtrey “Confessions of a StoryMaster”
  • Storytelling Stub: What Went Wrong with GoT?
  • Editor’s Note: Do What You Love and Success Will Follow!

May 2019

  • The 5/12 meeting recap
  • Happy 8thAnniversary,StoryMasters!
    • Tina Tomiyama “Searching for a Home”
    • Anna Ziss-Patton “Love of Storytelling”
    • Lin Van Gelder “Listening to Stories”
    • Margaret L. Mitchell “My Road to StoryMasters”
  • Storytelling Stub: Say Bye to Distractions
  • Editor’s Note: Make the most of everyopportunity!

April 2019

  • The 4/14 meeting recap
  • Fun Facts about StoryMasters
  • Meet StoryMasters’ Charter Members
    • Hiba Hamdan “The Story of StoryMasters”
    • Walt Grassl “Living the Dream”
    • Jon Caplan “TellingStoriesat Work”
  • Storytelling Stub: How to Create Killer Opening Lines
  • Editor’s Note: I and It: Where Are We Heading?

March 2019

  • The 3/10 meeting recap
  • Newest StoryMaster: Anne Guillebeaux
  • Storytelling Stub: How to Write a Captivating Ending
  • Editor’s Note: Going Back to a Beginner’s Spirit

February 2019

  • StoryMasters Open House “For the Love of Stories 2.0” recap
  • Member’s Spotlight: “Tell Me a Story” with Kathy Falco and Margaret Mitchell
  • Storytelling Stub: 22 Tips on Storytelling from Pixar
  • Editor’s Note: It takes someone of taste to realize how much words of support and encouragement mean to those on the receiving end.

January 2019

  • The 1/13 meeting recap
  • Newest StoryMaster: Chanel Kenneybrew
  • Storytelling Stub: Writing Tools
  • Editor’s Note: Are you telling a story or lecturingus?



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