I first heard about StoryMasters when I was their Area Director in 2015. The first time I stepped into Tina Tomiyama’s house, I could feel the friendly vibes of everyone present. I noticed that the format of the club was different, which allowed for more speakers, plus the feedback that everyone gave, not just the evaluators.

I fell in love, and soon afterwards, I joined the club. Even though we don’t meet but once a month, everyone catches up quickly and we get right down to work. Because we tell stories, I have learned something about my fellow members, and have enjoyed sharing myself in my stories to the group.

StoryMasters is unique among Toastmasters clubs, and those who visit can really see why.

Perhaps it is our format that allows everyone to participate even if he or she doesn’t have a role, the fact that we are all together in a small space, or that it works because we only meet once a month. Whatever the reason is, I am totally a StoryMasters member for life. I invite you to attend a meeting and then join us for amazing stories!

Jacki Williams-Jones
Jacki Williams-Jones


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