Have you met Ashton Cynthia Clarke? Have you heard her story or poem? If not, you’re missing something! I mean, big time!

Meet Ashton! She’s a phenomenal storyteller and poet. If she’s in your circle, you feel compelled to brag about knowing her. Yeah, she’s that good!

Ashton Cynthia Clarke
I saw Ashton on the stage about 3-4 years ago. She was an excellent storyteller then, but the improvement she has made over the years are beyond impressive. It’s truly honor to watch her grow and call her my friend.

I can’t wait to see what she’ll share next.

Ashton Cynthia Clarke is a class act!  Not only is she a consummate professional in the storytelling realm, her intelligence and originality make her a joy to have on any planning committee or editing circle. I can’t wait to hear her next delightful story.

Tina Tomiyama

Co-founder of StoryMasteres

About Ashton

Ashton began storytelling in 2019 and has appeared in live venues throughout the Los Angeles area, New York City, and virtually. Most notably, she has appeared three times on Risk! Live and the podcast, and was recently interviewed by well-known storyteller Ray Christian.

Ashton also has work published or forthcoming in Spectrum 33: You and Me; and Olney Magazine.

Ashton with Spectrum 33

Ashton developed an animated short based on her telling of a family member’s life in Jamaica: “Titta and the Mango.”

Originally from New York, Ashton now resides near the foothills of a national forest in the Los Angeles area, where she was not surprised to discover a bear in her swimming pool one sweltering summer afternoon.

Kath, Jill, Ashton (l to r)

From the Book Launch Bash event. Recently, she published two beautiful stories in the Storytelling Bistro.

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  1. Darrilynne Arnelle-Mazyck

    So proud of you, Queen.


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