What a year! So many things happened in so little time. Do you remember our first virtual meeting back in April last year? We had rehearsal meetings, an online Zoom coaching session by Jennifer Kelley Lublin, insightful tips from a film industry expert, Sherwood Jones, workshops, a “Technical Tips” handout, practice, practice, and practice. But now, look at you! I’m impressed to see how much each one of us has improved our online presence.

In the past twelve months, 63 friends visited us. We conducted a successful showcase, From Soup To Nuts, which drew 50 attendees. Eleven friends became StoryMasters (5 of them are long distance). Six members competed in Toastmasters speech contests and shined. Many members achieved educational goals and played important roles in Toastmasters. Also, some of our members stretched their wings and told stories at dozens of non-Toastmaster venues.

In addition, we did something unique this term. When the virtual meetings became our new normal, Aprille Isham formed the Club Evolution Team, observed how other clubs in the world were handling the virtual meetings, analyzed pros and cons, and created a comprehensive report that many clubs can appreciate and take advantage of. Check this out if you haven’t seen the report yet. It’s filled with pearls of wisdom!

Aprille Isham

Now, shall we acknowledge our outgoing club officers who have been working behind the scenes tirelessly?

Mallery McMurtrey

VPE: Mallery McMurtrey

guided us and made sure each meeting would go smoothly.

Catherine Magruder

VPM: Catherine Magruder

sent lovely personal notes to our guests and newly-joined members every month.

Margaret Mitchell

VPPR: Margaret Mitchell

Who didn’t enjoy Margaret Mitchell’s wonderful meeting recaps, poems, and articles? I surely did!

Jacki Williams-Jones

Secretary: Jacki Williams-Jones

took minutes and kept notes so that everything is in our records.

Tina Tomiyama

Treasurer/SAA: Tina Tomiyama

kept our club financially healthy and her smiles set the right tone for our meetings.

Anna Ziss-Patton

Anna Ziss-Patton

Special recognition to her insightful storytelling/writing tips.

As my presidential term is ending, I realized again how fortunate I am to be a part of this amazing community. I’m grateful for each one of you!

StoryMasters and friends, thank you for your continuous support, generosity, and collaboration. Because of you, we can get out of our comfort zone and try something different. Because of you, we continue to grow together. Because of you, our community is standing strong. Because of you, StoryMasters rocks.

Miyo Yamauchi

With gratitude,
Miyo Yamauchi
StoryMasters President 2020-2021

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