They say never let the facts get in the way of a good story. But what if the facts make it a good story?

On Wed, Mar 20, shortly before 10 PM, I received an email from Miyo, asking me to contribute to this newsletter. Where was I? At a writers workshop conducted by “We Make Movies.” Coincidence? I think not.

The workshop provides a venue for fresh pages to be read by professional actors — to encourage the writers and explore the material. It was my first visit, and I participated as an actor. I was hanging out with other Storytellers.

Storytelling and I have not always been friends. I started my life as an engineer. I was facts and data focused, not story focused. I first woke up to the power of story many years ago, when I was preparing a customer presentation with my program manager Mike Fleenor. He asked me, “What is the story of the presentation?” I looked at him like he had three eyes. He explained that there should be a theme: things are good, things are normal, or the train is coming off the tracks, and we need help.

Years after that, in Toastmasters, I learned to make a point and tell a story.

StoryMasters helped me learn how to do that better. I always enjoyed the excellent storytellers in the StoryMasters family.
Today, I spend more of my time telling stories through other people’s words as an actor. I even got the male lead in a short film called “I’m Telling Ya” (trailer is on YouTube). My acting journey is still in its infancy, but I am still living the dream.

I am so grateful that Miyo reached out to me. I fondly remember my time in StoryMasters and can only imagine how things have grown. I hope all of you are living your dreams.

Walt Grassl
Walt Grassl


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