To make a long story short – I needed MORE – more than the regular Toastmasters meetings could provide. After 10 solid years in Toastmasters, I had done ALL THE MANUALS many times. I was getting tired of composing the same old speeches. That is when I was invited to join Story Masters and I have not looked back since.

Learning how to craft a good story is a SKILL and like all skills takes patience, feedback and more patience. Being a part of StoryMasters with the amazing advanced speakers, the thorough evaluations from truly wonderful, advanced speakers and the ROUND ROBIN can move any speaker from good to great.

What we say matters; how we say it matters just as much. We can learn to captivate audiences, amplify our impact as communicators, and ensure that all our presentations come to life when we learn how to tell a great story.

Janine Burke

Janine Burke


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