Comedic Storytelling with Margot Leitman


Each student should leave class with a basic concept of how to make painful, strange, or even mundane life experiences funny. The students will learn to dig inside their own lives to find humorous, relatable material, which unifies an audience, making them laugh at their own experiences through the student’s performance. Students will leave class with a strong direction of how to structure a story for comedic purposes. Additional focus will be on getting through the fear of being judged for our honesty.


Debut presents: Up Close and Personal Coaching


Have you ever wondered about ins and outs of coaching? We invite you go 'Up Close and Personal' as two well-known Storytelling Coaches will have a Dive in, up close and personal about the art and practice of coaching.


Homewood Stories


YOU are invited to join us for an evening of storytelling from the comfort of your home via Zoom! One thing great about we can be more global on both sides of the stage!

US$15 – US$20

Genre Storytelling Series ~ Spooky & Scary Tales


Genre Storytelling Series is a production of the Storytelling Association of California (SAC).
On the third Wednesday of each month, 7 storytellers from 7 of California’s nearly two dozen SAC-affiliated swap groups come together to share stories. Each month features a different type, or “genre,” of story. This month's genre is Spooky & Scary Tales.

Free – US$15

TELL: Pittsburgh Storytelling Series ~ Misty Mator


TELL is the transformation of the Three Rivers Storytelling Festival that was held in Pittsburgh, PA, for 16 years. Rather than sponsoring a once-a-year event, TELL now features multiple performances in the fall featuring one teller per evening per month. These stories for adults include comedic issues, current events, and compelling plots that you won't get to hear at a family festival or in a five-minute format.

US$10 – US$32