About StoryMasters

StoryMasters is an advanced Toastmasters club dedicated to the art of storytelling. We meet every 2nd Sunday @ 3-5PM via Zoom.

Upcoming Events

Leftovers Storytelling with Loren Niemi and Laura Packer

Dec 06, 2020
5:00 pm PST - 6:30 pm PST


December 6, 2021
5:00pm PST / 8:00pm EST
Loren Niemi
Laura Packer

Join storytellers Loren Niemi and Laura Packer for stories of leftover treasures, unexpected gifts, the stories we tell around the table, and more.

Bring a good appetite, this event will be as delicious as a midnight snack.

Find out more about Loren at lorenniemistories.com.

Find out more about Laura at laurapacker.com.

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