Telling Stories to Teach Language Naturally


Piedad, a trained historian, is an educator at heart who has been a university professor of Latin American History; a Spanish teacher from high school to 3rd grade, an international trainer of world language teachers, and the author of two books on teaching language acquisition.

US$20 – US$30

Story Bash!


In this afternoon workshop, we'll help storytellers generate new true stories with an array of activites, prompts, improv games, and exercises. Have a blast conjuring up new material to craft for live lit.


Welcoming the Other


This powerful and highly interactive workshop inspires appreciation of and engagement with the “Other.” After some foundational instruction – and a story or two! – we dive into a carefully crafted, interactive experience of creating a personalized story about being “the other.” Small group dialogue and sharing are integrated into every step of the workshop. All that is required is a sheet of paper, a pen or pencil, and an open heart.


The Teacher Within: An Introduction to the Meaning of Dreams


Ticket: Have you ever woken from a dream and wondered why you dreamt about something so strange? Our dreams speak the universal language of symbol and metaphor, with multiple meanings packed into each image. They come to us to help us grapple with our challenges and grow toward a fuller expression of our authentic […]


Claim Your Joy for 2022: Writing Ahead


It’s time to celebrate 2021, look ahead to 2022, and ring in a whole new year of writing! “Claim Your Joy for 2022” will reconnect you with the sheer deliciousness of the creative process—and give you tips and strategies to make the coming year your most productive and joyful one yet.