Storytelling and Memory Loss: A Workshop for Caregivers


Memory loss comes in many shapes and forms. Like music, stories are a tool that unlocks interaction across that spectrum, including advanced Alzheimer’s and dementia. In this workshop, you’ll learn basic storytelling techniques that have been specially designed to help family members, health care professionals, chaplains, volunteers, and other caregivers interact with folks who are dealing with memory loss.


Connect Through Stories: Connect for Life


Why is it, that when we reach adulthood, we feel that stories are unnecessary in the workplace? In this workshop, we will not only understand the importance of a story in business, but in life. Participants will tell their stories and engage each other throughout the session. We will have breakouts, fully use the chat function and laugh and learn.


How to Tell a Scary Story


Every storyteller, parent, game master, and camper needs a good scary story in their repertoire. Award-winning storyteller Laura Packer will show you what kinds of scary stories are worth digging into, how to craft a performance that thrills listeners, and how to tell stories that are just right for every age. Come with a story idea or none at all, prompts will be provided. Time permitting, a story circle will follow the class.

US$45 – US$55