Jul 23, 2020    
9:00 am PDT - 10:00 am PDT

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Thursday, July 23, 2020 @ 9am PDT/12pm EDT


Kendall Haven

A 35-year performing storyteller, has, for three decades, led the research effort for the National Storytelling Assn. and International Storytelling Center into effective story structure and into the process of story-based influence and persuasion.

An internationally recognized Subject Matter Expert on the science of story, Haven helped create the study of the Neuroscience of Story and created the first detailed, tested model of dynamic story architecture that accounts for the neurology of how narrative material is processed, understood, remembered, and recalled in a receiver’s mind. His two seminal works (Story Proof and Story Smart) have revolutionized our understanding of the right relationship between human brain and story.

Our guest speaker is Kendall Haven, author of Story Proof and Story Smart.

“It’s not what you say that matters. What matters is what they hear.”

Haven’s research in the science of story reveals how your audience’s (or your client’s) brains perform two critical aspects of that “hearing” part:

  1. How does the human brain make sense of incoming information?
  2. How does the brain then create meaning for that information?

Turns out, the elements of effective story structure control both processes.

Haven will demonstrate the neural story net and the make-sense mandate in action and show you both the dangerous pitfalls they represent and ways to direct your clients in skirting around them.

He will focus on practical tools you can use to guide your clients (and your own) communications to take full advantage of the results of neural story science (and avoid most common corporate communications blunders).

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