VAMP: Just Deserts

Justice. Revenge. Schadenfreude. We love to see a good comeuppance. Sometimes the waters of fairness get muddy…. but who’s to say what’s right and what’s wrong. Right?

Produced by So Say We All, a 501c3 literary and performing arts nonprofit based in Southern CA, The VAMP Storytelling Showcase is a highly-produced, non-fiction, multimedia reading series. Each showcase revolves around a different theme, which is heavily open to interpretation by submitting writers. Out of each round of submitting writers, a cohort is selected by a blind panel of judges to work together over the course of 3-4 weeks in read-and-critique sessions, provided with one-on-one writing and performance coaches, and finally provided with a live showcase to perform their original true stories.

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VAMP: Just Deserts

VAMP - April 2023