The Writing Room


Six sessions every Friday starting from January 7 to February 11.

In the spirit of a grad-level writing class, THE WRITING ROOM invites writing and storytelling instructors to focus on various elements of non-fiction stories and essay crafting on Friday afternoons. Some of the topics covered include: live lit narrative vs. personal essay; voice; humor; editing; narrative structure; live lit techniques; concepts by authors of storytelling craft; syntax; poetry; spoken versus written word writing; and much more. Participants will receive wisdom, instruction, writing prompts, personal writing time, and individual feedback.

BEST SERVES Writers; aspiring writers; storytellers; aspiring storytellers; anyone who’d like to work on narratives and learn new skills in a warm, challenging environment; those who’d enjoy a college or graduate-level writing class. All levels welcome.

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The Writing Room

Story Jam presents The Writing Room