The Saga of the Ring


A hero. A promise. A dragon. A treasure. If only it were so simple…

Sigurd, exiled prince, seeks his destiny in slaying the dragon Fafnir – but there are deeds afoot that he can only guess at. Soon he and those he loves – the valkyrie Brunhild, the princess Gudrun, her brothers Gunnar and Hogni – find themselves caught in mysterious forces as a cursed treasure threatens to consume them all.

This may be a tale of magic and monsters, but sometimes the greatest challenges are within ourselves…

Drawn from medieval manuscripts and ancient poetry, the story of the Ring is one of the oldest and most acclaimed in the Norse and Germanic-speaking world. It has inspired masterworks by Tolkien, Wagner and others, and echoes through modern culture. Jon Mason, storyteller and lover of mythology, shares his telling of this most archetypal and most human of myths.

All ages welcome. Only one ticket needed per household.

Praise for past work:

“Thank you Jon for a really wonderful performance tonight. You really brought those stories to life…” – Umi Sinha, Guesthouse Storytellers, Newhaven

“lyrical retelling… Simultaneously melancholic and cathartic, it’s a tale that lingers long…” – Tim Pilcher, comics editor and author

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The Saga of the Ring

The Saga of the Ring