Telling Stories to Teach Language Naturally


Piedad, a trained historian, is an educator at heart who has been a university professor of Latin American History; a Spanish teacher from high school to 3rd grade, an international trainer of world language teachers, and the author of two books on teaching language acquisition.

Piedad specializes in the TPRS method, a program that focuses on storytelling to teach languages acquisition naturally, with humor, and without rote memorization.

Join the NJ Storytelling Guild to meet storytellers, hear and tell stories, and attend all 4 workshops for free! Upcoming workshops :

  • February 6: Peninnah Schram, “What’s in a Name?”
  • April 3: Nancy Donoval, “Crafting the Emotional Arc of a Story”
  • May 15: Julie Della Torre and Paula Davidoff, “Dive Deep into a Story”

All workshops will be offered online at 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

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Telling Stories to Teach Language Naturally

Telling Stories to Teach Language Naturally Workshop