Oct 18, 2019    
7:00 pm PDT - 9:00 pm PDT

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Talloween 2

Friday, October 18, 2019 @ 7pm PST

Pay what you can (suggested donation of $25 per person)


Comedy-Drama. One of the groundbreaking plays of the decade, “Talloween 2” is an incisive, wonderfully theatrical examination of the reason not to drink in a hot tub and never mix friendship with weird theater, or ask for favors, and the ways that ambition can both enrich and destroy you.

Talloween is a play about a middle-aged, failed AYSO soccer coach named Billy, whose quiet, ordinary life turns upside down when he’s visited by the Spirit of Talloween after drinking spirits (namely Tequila) in his hot tub.

Billy becomes possessed by the Talloween Spirit and convinces a random group of people to join him in attempting to produce a Murder Mystery Musical far beyond anyone’s scope of talent. When Billy is contacted by a real Hollywood heavyweight, all hell breaks loose. The frustrated, walking midlife crisis that is Billy refuses to accept that he has no talent and is prepared to give up his life to pursue the vision he saw from the Spirit, or the Spirits, in the hot tub. He just can’t remember what came first.

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