Story Blowout III


In stories – “Three” is the magic number so….WE ARE BACK AGAIN!

This year Artists Standing Strong Together (ASST) is hosting this day of story and community along with ELEVEN storyteller/artist organization partners who will feature their community of storytellers for 55 minutes and share about their organization. ASST will feature USA storytellers are from 11 am – 12 noon & from 11 – 11:45 pm. These storytellers will be Charlotte Blake Alston (Pennsylvania), Darci Tucker (Virginia) and Regina Stoops and Claire Hennessey from Six Feet Apart Productions (California).

The storyteller/artist organizations are (all times are ET):

  • Asian American Storytellers in Action (AASIA) at 12 noon
  • Lovers of Dunbar (LOD) at 1 pm
  • Voices in the Glen at 2 pm.
  • Story Arts of Minnesota (SAM) at 3 pm
  • Illinois Storytelling at 4 pm
  • Storytellers Association of California at 5 pm
  • Storytellers of San Diego at 6 pm
  • Southern Order of Storytellers at 7 pm
  • West Virginia Storytelling Guild (WVSG) at 8 pm
  • Patchwork Storytelling Guild at 9 pm
  • Rocky Mountain Storytellers (RMS) at 10 pm

Feel free to come and go from the program as you’d like; consider this event like an audio/video podcast to accompany you all day. Starting at 9 pm more adult-themed stories might be shared. Our night ends with dancing and celebration from 11:55 pm to 1 am EST. Bring your champagne and pop into the new year with us.

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Story Blowout III

Artists Standing Strong Together