Oct 08, 2020    
6:30 pm PDT - 8:30 pm PDT

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Thursday, October 8, 2020 @ 6:30pm PDT/9:30pm EDT

Linda Brown One of the founders of the Black Storytellers of San Diego. A professional storyteller for over 20 years.

Holly Robison Mother of 4 young storytellers. She has been inspiring through stories for over 18 years, and has performed at international festivals and conferences from Sydney to Edmonton.

Ben Tucker, (Brother Ben): Brother Ben is a storyteller, actor and author. He performs in the San Francisco Bay Area at community theaters, schools, senior centers and libraries. His stories are drawn from folktales, historical characters and personal experiences. Visit iambentucker.com

Terry Stokes In 2006, Terry Stokes moved to the Bay Area after retiring from a 30 year career as a Film Editor in Hollywood. Since then he’s taken Acting, Storytelling, and Musical Workshops. He joined troupe, Never Too Late of Stagebridge in Oakland, and has performed as a featured storyteller at Tell It On Tuesday as well as many other local story swaps.

Tickets are $15.00, $10.00 or you may donate an amount of your choice rather than these pre-set amounts. All proceeds in excess of tellers’ compensation will be donated to the Black Lives Matter organization.
What is Stories in Living Color? Storytellers working together to learn about race, and unlearn racism and discrimination. Storytellers of different races, or from communities that face discrimination have teamed up and crafted individual, but “paired” stories; stories that intersect and illustrate aspects of race, racism, and discrimination. Our goal is to uncover our individual racist and discriminatory tendencies, unlearn those tendencies, and together help to change our society.

This event is a co-production of the Storytelling Association of California and Six Feet Apart Productions and features Stories in Black and White, told by paired black and white storytellers.

Want to be part of the “live” virtual audience? Buy a Backstage Pass and be in the “room” with the storytellers. Otherwise, the show will stream live on YouTube.

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