Stay at Home Homewood Stories

You are invited to come join us for an evening of storytelling to embrace and celebrate the glimpses of new life beginning to bloom.
Evidence abounds that we have made it through another winter!

Let’s gather together, Homewood Stories Style, in our beautiful Zoom gallery audience to lean in and listen to stories that connect us all!

***Please remember > Advanced registration is required to receive YOUR ZOOM Access
Show Starts > 5:30 PM PT >> come join into Zoom at 5:20ish to connect with your friends!

  • Maria Kostas > Storyteller and story listener since she was three years old. Shares a glimpse of her heart on many Chicago stages and now back with us at Homewood Stories.
  • Mark Lund > New comer to storytelling after 35 years as an MD with Pulmonary Critical Care. Also the founder of Twin Lights Coaching for married couples.
  • Judi Goshen > Moth winning storyteller, writer, and actress since the age of seventeen, doing theatre, improv, national TV commercials, and most recently, she portrayed a doctor on Chicago Med.
  • Steven Tate > left the farm of his childhood in central IL to pursue a ministry in Minnesota, has returned to farming life in North Carolina, where people come to meet his goats and hear his stories.
  • Dr. Karen ODonnell > Producer, host, dentist that gives her patients homemade fudge.

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Stay at Home Homewood Stories

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