Speak Story Series: Antonio Sacre

Ticket: https://www.speakstoryseries.com/tickets/ticket-antonio-sacre-tuesday-january-11

Antonio Sacre’s tales of growing up bilingually in a Cuban and Irish-American household have inspired children worldwide to gather their own family stories and become storytellers themselves. His stories have been published in award-winning books and audio recordings. His Professional Developments and Keynote addresses have helped educators teach writing to students from pre-Kindergarten through graduate school. Now his stories are being developed for film and television. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, two children, and two cats. Yes, he’s a cat guy.

Tuesday’s program will be The Ninth Best Storyteller, The Second Best Dad: Family stories from a Cuban-Irish-American storyteller. Rated PG (no swearing, but innuendo and stories intended for older folk. Kids will still enjoy it).

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Speak Story Series: Antonio Sacre

Antonio Sacre at Speak Story Series