Apr 18, 2021    
3:00 pm PDT - 4:30 pm PDT

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April 18, 2021 3:00pm PDT/6:00pm EDT

Ashton Cynthia ClarkeMichele Carlo
Lyn Cole
Robin Bady
Ashton Cynthia Clarke (StoryMasters)
Casiee Lee
Grab some dinner and tune in at 5pm CST for a chance to go back in time to the days of long hair, afros, bell-bottom jeans and casual shirts with bold, paisley or floral patterns. It was a time when women wore long, flowing, cotton maxi dresses. It was when the punk music scene inspired its fans to dress in torn clothing, black leather to signify rebellious natures and anti-establishment attitudes and styles. The Mohawk hairstyle was trendy during that time. Disco music came around in the latter part of the decade to create a completely different atmosphere. Disco ladies wore glittery mini dresses and the guys wore tight polyester pants. The men also sported long sideburns, long and afrocentric hairstyles, platform shoes and biker boots. The blockbuster movie “Saturday Night Fever” influenced men to comb their hair back and wear white disco suits. Women also sported their “Annie Hall” baggy pants, men’s ties and hats. The popular series, “Charlie’s Angels” inspired women to wear those big, feathered hairstyles. Ah, the 70s!! Tune-in and hear some stories that you just might be able to relate to, whatever side of the tracks your from.

If you like the Moth on NPR, you will love this show! Unique voices with global stories 🎤 woven together with Soul Music spun by our international DJ Johnny Price who will keep it funky with some 1970s Soul music.

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