Aug 22, 2020    
11:30 am PDT - 1:00 pm PDT

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Saturday, August 22, 2020 @ 11:30am PDT/2:30pm EDT

£2 – £10

Mary-Ann is probably best known for popping up on telly, presenting shows like Time Team and Mystic Britain. She specialises in archaeology, anthropology and adventure. Find out more her at www.maryannochota.com, or on twitter and insta @MaryAnnOchota

Award winning storyteller Jason Buck has been a performer most of his adult life, including gurning, comedy and sword swallowing, but his passion lies in stories. – there’s nothing like getting lost in a story, the pictures in your head are better than film.

Archaeologist Mary-Ann Ochota and Jason Buck Storyteller unearth a unique blend of archeology and storytelling, inspired by real archaeological artefacts. We’ll tell tales about treasure discovered across the British Isles, including the secret Knights Templar cave, the Vale of York Viking hoard and Britannia’s Roman ruins.

“History really coming to life with hilarity and tragedy all in one show” – Jani, Southampton

“The mix of artefact, fact, and fun was perfectly woven through the mix of stories. Great pairing of two story tellers” – Janet, Portsmouth

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