SAC Story Swap Genre Storytelling Series: Legend

Hiba Hamdan

Featured storytellers:

  • Aunt Li-Anne, Storytellers of San Diego
  • Alicia Retes, Delta Wordweavers
  • Tim Tingle, out-of-state guest teller
  • Hiba Hamdan, StoryMasters (Los Angeles)
  • Mike Thompson, Foothill Storytelling Guild
  • Dave Tarvin, Sacramento Storytellers Guild
  • Marilyn McPhie, Storytellers of San Diego

SAC Members from various Storytelling groups around California will be telling stories at these events, held once each month on the third Wednesday of the month. Each event will highlight stories from different genres, such as Personal, Folktale, Historical, Tall Tale, Myth, Fable, Fantasy, and more. Stories will be approximately 10 minutes long.

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SAC Story Swap Genre Storytelling Series: Legend

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