Pour One Out: Ocean Apart

Registration: https://bit.ly/AdaCheng0511

What’s Ocean Apart about?: loss, alienation, distance, separation, conflict, intimacy amidst uncertainty or potential for connection.

Featured storytellers:

  • Ashton Cynthia Clarke (StoryMasters!)
  • Mina Duarte
  • Anthony Dunbar
  • Ansa Edim
  • Faith Kares
  • Jamie Marcelle
  • Kelsey McGrath
  • Ryan Viloria

Pour One Out, produced and hosted by Ada Cheng, features strong and unique voices. We build community through intimacy and vulnerability. We are committed to cultivating and developing new tellers as we bring tellers of all experience levels together. We strive for equitable inclusion and representation. We consistently give space to new talents.

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Pour One Out: Ocean Apart

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