My Walk On The Wild Side (Miyo)


Join us live for a Zoom Story Salon event! An evening of storytelling, as we hear about people letting loose as they walk on the wild side.

Story Salon 20210825About this event

Listen to stories from veteran storytellers that will make you laugh, cry and celebrate each individual. Our live video event will be hosted by the irreplaceable Beverly Mickins, a Los Angeles based performing artist who is the creator of “Story Salon”, the longest running story telling venue in Southern California. We are entering our 25th year!



  • Lila Silvern
  • Vicki Juditz
  • Mike Lambert
  • Miyo Yamauchi
  • Suzanne Weerts

This month’s theme is “My Walk On The Wild Side”.

Join us for a night of connection, community and sharing!

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My Walk On The Wild Side (Miyo)

Story Salon - My Walk On the Wild Side