Moving In and Out of Shadow: Telling the Dark

Not every story begins in once upon a time or ends in happily ever after. Challenging things happen. When we share dark stories we let ourselves and others know we are not alone and the darkness can be survived. Join Loren Niemi and Laura Packer for a workshop about crafting and sharing dark stories, whether personal experiences or traditional tales.

  • Learn how to select a dark moment or story to tell
  • How to tell traditional stories with the gloves off
  • How to craft narrative that includes the dark
  • How to take care of the audience and yourself
  • The differences between story crafting/telling and therapeutic story
  • How to know if you’re ready to tell that story in performance.

Note: Bring a story or an idea to work on. Traditional and personal material is welcome.

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Moving In and Out of Shadow: Telling the Dark

Laren Niemi and Laura Packer