Harvest and the Coming Dark of The Year

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The November StoryFest of the Seattle Storytellers Guild

“Harvest and the Coming Dark of The Year”
Myths and Fables inspired by the coming of Winter Solstice:

Our Storytellers: Philomena Jordan, Nan Gregory and Abegael Fisher-Lang all live in British Columbia, Canada — Philomena and Nan are well known to us and have told in our Epics; and Abegael has been a featured teller in various festivals.

Philomena Jordan personifies the Irish Gift for telling stories, reciting poetry and spontaneous singing. Born into a large family on a small farm in the West of Ireland, she grew up in an atmosphere rich in the Gaelic culture and traditions of the Irish Countryside.

Abegael Fisher-Lang is a longtime, acclaimed BC storyteller widely known for her repertoire spanning the everyday amazing to the mythopoetic. Abegael is passionate about storytelling because “There is no power greater than our collective imagination, and story continually builds and strengthens it.”

Nan Gregory is an honored children’s author, and storyteller. Now she plays all the parts of the tale —something she always wanted to do when in a play. Nan tells folk tales and fairy tales, myths, legends, stories from history, literary stories and stories from my own life, to audiences of all ages.

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Harvest and the Coming Dark of The Year

Harvest and the Coming Dark of The Year - 20211119