Grant Writing for Storytellers


Grants make dreams possible. Some people take the chance to write grants, but many stay far way from this opportunity. Discover how storytelling can be funded with already-out-there grants. Learn the basics from what to expect, how to tackle the “hard stuff,” and what to do to improve overall success. No guarantee that you will receive grants after this workshop, but you will gain tips and habits that can be applied to all your projects as a storyteller.

By the way, 100% of registrations/donations for this workshop will assist Story Crossroads in a project to have “Storytelling Basics in 8 Hours” as a self-led, online course completely in Spanish – performances/instructions/captioning. Thank you for supporting our own dream as we combine grants and donations to make it happen.

Get a hint of what to expect with this video:

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Grant Writing for Storytellers

Grant Writing for Storytellers taught by Rachel Hedman