Forest Storytelling Festival


The Forest Storytelling Festival will be held virtually from October 15-17th, 2021. Hope to see you there! 

Welcome to the Annual Forest Storytelling Festival in Port Angeles, WA! World class storytellers will make you laugh uproariously and will tug at your heartstrings. Everyone — from preteens, grandparents and everybody in between — will find stories of love, comedy and inspiration. Register here.

Why go to a storytelling festival — isn’t it for little kids?

The stories filling our festival are aimed at adults (though teens and precocious tweens will relish them too). When a master storyteller spins a tale during this festival, you get to know a one-of-a-kind character — and you discover elements we all share as humans.

There’s nothing like being in the space with a live storyteller. The performer fills the room with his or her spirit. You, as the listener, are transported — and connected to the story as it unfolds. For more on the magic of live storytelling, check out this post on the Timpanogos festival website.

Why You Will Love the Forest Storytelling Festival

Our storytellers will invite you into the lives of people, fictional and real. These are characters who are, on the inside, just like you. They’re also people from many cultures, coming alive in the voices of tellers from all over the globe. All of this happens in the comfort of Peninsula College’s Little Theater.

The Forest Storytelling Festival’s organizers take care to make this a warm, welcoming gathering: a space and time set apart for tellers and listeners to meet and enjoy one another.

A story swap and a story “slam,” a lighthearted competition, are set for Saturday after lunch. At these gatherings, attendees can get in on the storytelling action and share their own tales.

All weekend, the festival store sells books, recordings, and other resources for storytelling. There will be a raffle for other goods you can take home.

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Forest Storytelling Festival

2021 Forest Storytelling Festival