Debut presents: Up Close and Personal Coaching


Have you ever wondered about ins and outs of coaching? We invite you go ‘Up Close and Personal’ as two well-known Storytelling Coaches will have a Dive in, up close and personal about the art and practice of coaching.

After the interview, join us as we coach Storytellers who have applied to be coached. They will tell an eight to ten minute story and you will see these coaches in session with the selected tellers. More Surprises will be announced.

Afterwards, with Simon and the attendees, we will engage in a talk back about the Coaching Process.

Our goal is to share by example and by our rich discussion, coaching strategies that you can use in your own telling development. Whether you are just starting out in using story or are an experienced, teller, we aim for everyone to learn skills and coaching habits that will help you.

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Debut presents: Up Close and Personal Coaching

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