Chasing the Sun: British Myths and the Uffington White Horse


Walk the green earth. Scour the sky above the chalk hills. Did a hero once walk among us? Did a mother raise her son? Did he grow to face our fears – and will that sun rise again?

With the autumn equinox just past, join an online journey through myth and prehistory, exploring the Uffington White Horse. Storyteller Jon Mason ties together traditional tales, modern archaeology, and tantalising hints from European myths, to try to make sense of this Wiltshire monument, and with it, the beliefs of prehistoric Britain. Tracing links from Wales to Yorkshire to Iceland and more, we wonder at the clues left in the soil from centuries past, and imagine the ancient myth that might have been.

Jon Mason

Ever wondered why the sun comes up? What’s under those hills? Who built that tower on the edge of town? Let Jon tell you…

A professional storyteller based in Brighton, UK, Jon performs regularly at festivals, schools, storytelling clubs, and anywhere that asks him. He’s always loved old legends of all kinds – the action, the wonder, the dragons and heroes and gods and sharp-witted children: the age and meaning calling down the centuries. He’s always loved “real” history, too; and it’s often the blurry space between the two where things get really interesting.

So what Jon tries to do most is tell stories that explore that boundary – connecting our history and our present, what we want and how we are, our surrounding landscape and ourselves. Of course, it’s telling STORIES, so it doesn’t count unless it’s huge, sweeping, rip-roaring FUN! Danger and excitement and sorrow and laughter, for children and grown-ups – who doesn’t want that in a story? Come along and see where it takes us!

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Chasing the Sun: British Myths and the Uffington White Horse

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