All In The Family


Join us, in-person or online, as Replay Storytelling presents our annual holiday tradition, All in the Family!

We’re excited to invite you to our unique hybrid evening of true personal stories all about the people who made us and the people we’ve chosen, live from the Wychwood Theatre in Toronto!

Replay Storytelling is a safe and open space where we share true, personal and vulnerable moments. These are lived experiences — true stories replayed from the memories we hold.
Each month we pick a theme, invite anyone to submit a true, personal story about a lived experience, then choose six people to share those moments.
Replay is an inclusive show, and welcomes everyone to submit a story — experienced and new storytellers alike. We encourage and support new storytellers, giving everyone a chance to step into the spotlight.
Replay Storytelling started in 2016. Since then, the show has become an integral and welcome part of the Toronto and global storytelling communities. We have collaborated with local partners, including Storytelling Toronto, the Toronto Storytelling Festival, and Ryerson University Global Learning.
In 2020, Replay Storytelling founded the world’s first 24-hour True Storytelling Festival, bringing together over 120 storytellers from around the world who shared personal true stories from their own lived experiences.

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All In The Family

All In The Family Storytelling show