Apr 22, 2021    
6:00 pm PDT - 8:00 pm PDT

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Thursday, April 22, 2021 @ 6:00am PDT/9:00pm EDT
Acclaimed jazz musician Keith McCutchen and exquisite singer Mary Jackson, both from Kentucky, will be sharing with us, along with storytelling/poetry by the jazzy April Armstrong and her musician friends. Spoken Word artists Nathan Richardson and Starry Walker will bring the power of the presentation along with the power of the word. Finally, we will be regaled by the poetry of Bruce Marcus, Angela James, Laura Deal, Sara DeBeer and university student poet Anna Kamens.
$0 – $50
April is National Jazz Appreciation Month AND National Poetry Month and National Jazz Month. In honor of these two arts, Artists Standing Strong Together (ASST) is celebrating by hosting “A Goodness Time”: Spoken Word and Jazz Evening on Thursday, Apr. 22, 9-11pm (EDT).
This program is a fluid mixture of jazz, spoken word and jazz, both together and separately, pre-recorded and live. There will be presenters from coast to coast.

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