May 10, 2020    
3:00 pm PDT - 5:00 pm PDT


Zoom (We will send the meeting information a few days before the meeting to those who RSVPed.), Los Angeles, CA, NA, NA

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Meeting Recap

Compelling speech introductions came in a few days before the meeting. Each functionary reviewed and practiced their duties beforehand. Our Timer, Catherine Magruder, explored and picked the best timing method for her environment. Our Word Master, Janine Burke, was on a mission to annihilate our bad habits, you know…um…like filler words. As Toastmasters, I knew it was going to be a great meeting when every member was on top of their game. And it truly was! In “Tales of Two Creatures,” Antoinette Byron told her personal story about how her path crossed with her dog, Sparky, during the pandemic. Mark Walsh shared his vision of how to lead corporate staff in a speech titled “Effective Immediately.” And who made her writing debut? Anna Ziss-Patton! Working on her first, marvelous short story, she read draft two of “Bitter Brew.” Kathy Garr explained how positive attitudes affect us with her speech titled “Positive Is Contagious,” and showed off her smart dog, Sammy! Bharat Sangekar from Australia entertained us with his humorous story, “The Loading Zone.”

Under Elizabeth Smith’s lead, the evaluation segment was distinguished by terrific evaluators: Lin Van Gelder, Aprille Isham, Mallery McMurtrey, and Margaret Mitchell. And the round robin evaluations were the cherry on top. D-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!

It sounds like everything went perfectly as planned, doesn’t it? Do you want to hear a behind-the-scenes story? Of course you do!…

Join Us!

Please join us for our “second Sunday” StoryMasters meeting. Hear some stories, offer some evaluations, and meet new and old friends.
Currently, we meet virtually. Please don’t forget RSVP!
We will send you the meeting information a few days before the meeting.

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